About Us

Owner/Head Instructor

Scott Dineen, owner and head instructor of Primary Care First Aid is a full-time professional firefighter and first responder instructor.  Within the fire department, Scott is also a confined space and high angle rope rescue instructor for its technical rescue team.  As a Red Cross instructor trainer, he has a vast background in teaching first aid to the general public, and also training new Red Cross first aid instructors.  

Why Choose Us?

With Primary Care First Aid, you'll be getting first aid instruction from experienced fire firefighter personnel with real-life experience.  Our instructors pass on what it's actually like applying first aid in emergency situations. This makes for an extremely high success rate inside and outside the classroom.  We've taught students from a wide variety of occupations, and we tailor each class to those specific jobs.  Our fun and engaging classes make learning first aid easy, and we give students the confidence to step in and help someone when it matters most.